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Transfer funds for personal payments or business expenses directly from your mobile phone any day of the week with dilly pay.

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Get a low-interest loan up to $1,000. Flexible repayment options, no matter where you work. It’s simple with dilly cash.

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Use dilly cash for repairs, inventory or any business expenses.You can use dilly pay for vendor payments.

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Every working Bahamian can access their money quickly or get a small loan fast. Our mobile app is Norton certified for the highest level of protection, and we have 24/7 chat support. Enjoy financial freedom anywhere with the security and service of a bank with dilly.co.

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  • Personal Loans

    Starting from $20 to $1000

  • Business Loans

    Starting from $500 to $2000

  • Interest Rates

    Starting from 5% to 20%

  • Loan Tenure

    Minimum 1 Week to 2 Years

  • Loan Approvals

    Easy & Instant

  • Late Payments

    Penalty Charges Apply

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Yoanne Latoya Sands

Legit. Was very pleased with my experience. (via Facebook)

Nadia Brown

I will be recommending dilly cash to others. They helped me to pay all my bills, including school fees and back to school shopping this year. (via WhatsApp)