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Our local team of dedicated individuals is committed to the mission of bringing financial freedom to all Bahamians, regardless of where they work or what island they call home.

Team Profiles

Roderick A. Simms II

Managing Director

Roderick A. Simms II is a native-born Bahamian and the founder and managing director of dilly.co. A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Roderick created dilly.co with the vision of bringing financial service products that help make everyday lives easier for all Bahamians regardless of the island they live or work on.

Shelby Brice

Compliance Officer/MLRO

Shelby joined dilly.co in 2019 after more than 18 years in the financial services industry. As the Compliance Officer/MLRO, she is responsible for ensuring the company’s Policy and Policies complies with local regulations and laws . Shelby is also the co-founder of ‘My Sisters Keeper’ which is a small community of women which provide accountability and support through sisterly love, to uplift, empower, and stretch and strengthen women from different denominations, ethnicities and status.

Uriel Simms


Uriel joined dilly.co in 2020. As a customer service representative he is responsible for lucid communication between dilly.co and clients.


email: cs@dilly.co



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